GVSD Code of Conduct

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Learning and discovering together to be good neighbours, workers, and citizens.

The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to provide students, staff, trustees, and parents with information regarding safe and healthy schools.

Garden Valley School Division believes that all behaviour must contribute to a safe, inviting, and inclusive climate essential for effective teaching and learning to occur. All individuals in our schools have a responsibility to contribute to the learning process, ensuring that they do not infringe upon the rights of others.

Education is a right — School is a privilege.1

All staff, parents, and students have a responsibility to maintain a safe, caring, and respectful environment.

Staff will:
 Establish and maintain an environment in the division, school, or school-sponsored activity which is respectful, supportive, orderly, and pleasant.
 Treat students and fellow employees in a fair, consistent manner.
 Be role models in establishing a positive tone.
 Take responsibility for continuous professional growth.
 Maintain confidentiality.
 Evaluate student achievement and explain the evaluation procedures to be used in each course.
 Communicate information about student progress, attendance, and behaviour to the student, parents, and administrators involved.
 Respect and meet the diverse needs of all learners.

Parents will:
 Be role models for their children in order to establish positive values and respect for fellow students, school personnel, and property.
 Maintain open, courteous communication with all staff members and, wherever possible, take concerns directly to their source.
 Attend school events and meetings and provide positive input and support for the school.
 Promote and model the rights and diversity of all members in the school community.

Students will:
 Take pride in their school: respect school property and the personal belongings of others. Assuming responsibility if he or she destroys, damages, loses school or division property, the student will seek to restitute the situation.
 Develop self-discipline: behave appropriately so as not to interfere with the learning and rights of others. Interpersonal conflicts and difficulties will be resolved through discussions with the other person or through seeking assistance from school personnel.
 Take pride in their work, their appearance, and in their accomplishments. Behaving in a respectful manner, they will be aware of and follow the expectations of the GVSD code of conduct and policies.
 Attend school and classes regularly and punctually. Be prepared for all classes by bringing required materials and completed homework as assigned by GVSD staff members.
 Respect the rights and diversity of other members in the school community.1, 2

 Provide diversity and equity education to staff and students.
 Build school/community partnerships.
 Support student activities and organizations that promote equity, understanding and respect for all.
 Sincere, honest, frank, and respectful communication among all those involved in the educational process.2, 3

Interventions and consequences may be applied as appropriate to the context, but they need not be applied in the order they appear in this code of conduct. Schools may expand upon the list of appropriate interventions and disciplinary consequences as long as the additional items are consistent with GVSD policy. Restitution principles will be used in interventions and consequences.

Informal Discussion
A teacher or administrator speaks with the student(s) to reach an agreement regarding the student’s behaviour. Parent(s) may be contacted in some circumstances. Students who are 18 years of age or older, must give their consent to contact parents.

Parental Involvement
Contact is made with the parent(s) to discuss the student’s specific behaviour, and the steps necessary to change it. The contact may vary from a telephone conversation to a formal conference at the school with parent(s), student, and school personnel.

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