Learning Resources

glasses on a school desk 130 x97The mission of Garden Valley School Division is to facilitate excellent education for children to become good neighbours, workers, and citizens. Garden Valley School Division believes that all children can learn, and that it's essential to partner with parents and the community to meet the educational needs of their children. To support the learning that takes place in our schools, we have assembled the following list of resources to assist parents/guardians as they engage their children in learning.

my child in school 130x97

My Child in School

Manitoba Education recognizes the key role that parents/guardians play in ensuring that all students succeed in school. The My Child in School website has been developed to provide parents with an overview of the learning that takes place at each grade level. The site provides information on each compulsory subject area, including how students will be assessed. To access more information about what students are learning at each grade level, see: http://www.edu.gov.mb.ca/k12/mychild/index.html

my learning at home 130x97My Learning at Home

Manitoba Education has developed an online homework website to provide more opportunities for students to succeed in the classroom. The My Learning at Home website is currently for students in grades 5 to 8 and features links to videos and lessons that help explain challenging math and science concepts. The site can also assist parents in helping their children with homework. To access more information about this online homework support site, see: http://www.edu.gov.mb.ca/k12/mylearning/index.htm

graduate 130x97Graduation Requirements

From Grade 9 to Grade 12, students earn course credits towards high school graduation. The credit system provides flexibility to enable
students to pursue Senior Years courses best suited to their individual requirements and aspirations. To access more information about
Graduation requirements and diploma programs in Manitoba, see: http://www.edu.gov.mb.ca/k12/policy/grad_require.html 

girl lying in snow 130x97My Child in the Middle Years

Manitoba Education has created a website to meet the growing need for provincial resources for parents of children in their Middle Years (Grades 5 through 8) in school. This site addresses questions and concerns parents of Middle Years students may have, and provides explanations on how to handle a variety of challenging situations. To access more information and resources regarding the developmental changes and situations their adolescent children may experience at school, at home and in the community, see http://www.edu.gov.mb.ca/k12/midyears/