GVSD Libraries Receive In Memoriam Donation

kbrown books 130x97Garden Valley School Division is pleased to announce the generous memorial donation of $1,200 towards the purchase of books for the Winkler Elementary and J.R. Walkof School libraries. The donation was received from the family of the late Katie Brown, who was a teacher at Winkler Elementary School and J.R. Walkof School.

Katie Brown taught in the division from 1950 to 1991.

Books that were particular favourites of Katie's have been purchased, along with some others that target grade 2-4 students. All of these new books will have book plates inserted in the front to identify which books were purchased with the donation.

GVSD colleagues recall fond memories of Katie, especially her ability to inspire students and staff alike. Penny Gilmour, Librarian at J.R. Walkof School, remembers Katie's energy and her creative passion for reading and literacy. "I knew Katie as a colleague, a great conversationalist, a delightful hostess, the wife of our MLA, and as the favourite teacher of one of our children. Her love of good children’s literature, her sense of humour and her ability to inspire children to enjoy stories will continue to be shared with this generous gift."

Winkler Elementary School and J.R. Walkof school are very grateful to the family of Katie Brown for this donation in memory of Katie.

See the below photos of books that were purchased with this donation:

kbrown books 1    kbrown books 2    kbrown books 3    kbrown books 4     kbrown books 5