GVSD Outlines Distance Learning Plan

covid 19 update 04 14 b 130x97April 14, 2020

Att: Parents/Guardians/Students

We recognize this is a very challenging time for our parents/guardians and families. Our best laid plans could not have anticipated the implications that COVID-19 has had on our society and our normal day-to-day routines.

We want to say thank you to our families for your kindness, support and patience as we work through all the challenges of distance learning.

Garden Valley School Division staff, in consultation with Manitoba Education, have been working to put new structures in place to support our students and families until such time as classes resume. Below is an overview of distance learning for GVSD:

* Distance learning will be offered through one of the following formats:

     o   print-based learning packages;
     o   digital and online opportunities;
     o   a combination of print-based and digital formats.

* By Friday, April 17 school personnel will be in contact with families to provide specific information on the distance learning plan for their child, as well as teacher contact information.
* Print-based learning packages will begin being delivered to homes this week and will continue every two weeks. Completed learning packages can be returned to the school at the time the new packages are being delivered.
* Beyond delivering daily instructional materials and preparing for assessments, teachers will be in regular contact with families to discuss student achievement and provide assistance to students in their learning.

* As recommended by Manitoba Education, teachers will plan a minimum average of curriculum-based learning time for students as follows:
     o   K–4 - five hours per week;
     o   Grades 5–8 - 10 hours per week;
     o   Grades 9-12 - 3 hours per course per week for semestered courses.
* Teachers will provide ongoing support for student learning, monitor and assess student work, and assign a final grade in June.

To provide families with additional resources and support for learning at home, Manitoba Education has developed a “My Learning at Home” portal. The site is available at: https://www.edu.gov.mb.ca/k12/mylearning/index.html.

Additionally, Manitoba Education offers the following recommendations for families and students during this time of distance learning:
* Parents/Guardians:
     o   Support the teacher to ensure that learning continues.
     o   Encourage students to continue their school learning plans at home.
     o   Look for opportunities to promote learning within the context of daily life.
     o   Maintain ongoing communication with teachers.

* Students: 
     o   Establish daily routines for engaging in learning experiences.
     o   Actively participate in learning and complete assigned work. Reflect on progress, set goals for learning, and identify next steps.
     o   Talk to parents and teachers about any concerns or difficulties.

If you have questions or need assistance with your child’s learning, please contact your child’s teacher. Our goal is to ensure that all students have the opportunity to continue their learning and together we will meet the challenges of distance learning. Classes will resume basedon public health recommendations and we look forward to the day when our students and staff can return to their regular classrooms and regular daily routines.

Todd Monster

Download:  pdfLetter_to_Parents_re_Distance_Learning_in_GVSD-April_13_2020.pdf