Vice-Principal of WES Announced

newspaper vice principalsGarden Valley School Division is pleased to announce that Mary-Anna Aaldyk-Doerksen has been appointed to the 50% Permanent Vice Principal position at Winkler Elementary School. This appointment will be effective September 8, 2020.

Mary-Anna graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Education Degree in 1989. She currently serves the school division as the term Vice Principal at Winkler Elementary School in combination with
her permanent Resource Teacher position. Mary-Anna has been with Garden Valley School Division for 18 years where she has taught Grades 3, 6, 7 and 8 along with Human Ecology. Mary-Anna’s vast experience will be valued in this new appointment.

Mary-Anna’s educational philosophy belief, in part, states that “collaboration with the whole team is important. Teachers, parents, students, and support personnel all help to ensure that the best opportunities are provided for all students”. She goes on to say “relationships with all students is KEY. Look them in the eyes. Say their name. Show that you value them and their opinions”.

Mary-Anna and her family currently reside in Winkler. Mary-Anna is married to Garth Doerksen and together they are entering the next stage of life as their last child graduates from high school and all three children are on to exploring new adventures. Mary-Anna is looking forward to supporting and serving the WES community.

Garden Valley School Division congratulates Mary-Anna on this administrative appointment!