GVSD Clinicians Share Resources for Families

family resources 130x97 1If you're a parent, guardian, or a caregiver, no doubt the new realities of the COVID-19 pandemic have set in. Your familiar family routines have been disrupted as you now juggle the roles of parenting, teaching, and quite possibly also working from home. 

It is tough! The division realizes how much is being asked of you and your hard work is appreciated. Thank-you!

One of the roles of a school social work clinician is to support parents. The GVSD social work clinicians are encouraging parents to: (1) maintain a positive connection and a good relationship with your child; (2) be kind to yourself as these are unprecedented times and no one is expected to handle it perfectly; and (3) reach out to your team (teacher, guidance counsellor, resource teacher or clinician) with any questions or requests for support.

The GVSD social work clinicians have added some useful tips and resources to the divisional website to help guide parents during this challenging time.

To view more information regarding supports and resources for parents and families, please click on the following new main menu links on the GVSD website:

Community > Resources for Families

Parents > Mental Health for Students & Families