Letter to Parents

thank you 130x97Dear Parents, Caregivers, and Guardians:

No doubt the new realities of the COVID-19 pandemic have set in. Your familiar family routines have been disrupted as you now juggle the roles of parenting, teaching, and
quite possibly also working from home. It is tough! We fully realize how much is being asked of you and we appreciate how hard you are working. Thank-you!

One of the roles of a school social work clinician is to support you in your parenting and as such, we have included some helpful tips to guide you during this time. You may look at these tips and be assured that you are already doing what you need to be doing!

Above all else, we are encouraging you to, 1) maintain a positive connection and a good relationship with your child; 2) be kind to yourself as these are unprecedented times and no one is expected to handle it perfectly; and 3) reach out to your team (teacher, guidance counsellor, resource teacher or clinician) with any questions or requests for support. There is also information regarding supports and resources on the Garden Valley School Division Website that might be helpful.

It will be okay. Together we will get through this.


The Garden Valley School Division Social Work Clinicians:

• Jessica Askin – J.R. Walkof School, Emerado Centennial School and Prairie Dale School
• Kayla Friesen – Parkland Elementary School, Pine Ridge Elementary School and Winkler Elementary School
• Gwen Heinrichs – Garden Valley Collegiate, Southwood School and Hochfeld School
• Candace Funk – Northlands Parkway Collegiate, Plum Coulee School, Border Valley School and Blumenfeld School

See also GVSD Clinical Services, or Contact the GVSD Clinical Services Team.

Resources for Families

Triple P Tip Sheettips 80x60 1 -  a top parenting tips document for parents and carers during COVID-19. The document provides practical suggestions on how to reassure children, and how to create wellness in the midst of new family routines.


support 80x60Wellness Support Line - a confidential phone number anyone can call to speak with a Mental Health Clinician. Mental Health Clinicians are ready to listen, support, and refer you to local resources to help you during this difficult time. Phone 204-325-6585 - 8:00 am – 5:00 pm: Monday – Friday.


central station 80x60Central Station – offers support, connection and programs for community members - including Café 545. Together with other community organizations, Café 545 is now delivering a prepared meal (Tuesdays between 2-5pm) that only requires heating up at home. Please call on Mondays between 9am-2pm at 204-325-0257 to make your request.


soup 80x60 1Winkler Food Cupboard - for information on the Food Cupboard and to discuss your eligibility, please call 204-325-0257 in advance of their Wednesday delivery.