E-Bulletin, May 13, 2014

1.    Emerado Centennial School Presentation
       •   Principal Garth Doerksen was joined by teachers Janice Krahn, Tammy Friesen, Kevin Giesbrecht, and Erich Hirschfeld as they provided an overview of their grade 8 professional learning community (PLC).

      •  The focus of the PLC has been on student reading comprehension of both fiction and non-fiction text.
      •  Teachers work together to plan instruction, share resources and strategies, and student assessments and strategies to improve student achievement in reading comprehension.
      •  A celebration: recent assessments indicate that 70% of grade 8 students are reading at or above grade level.

2.     Staffing Update
      •  To date, for the 2014-2015 school year, 39 positions have been posted, 25 have been filled.

3.    GVSD Enrolment / Ad Hoc Committee
      •  The mandate of this committee is to review student enrolments and examine issues around students not attending school.
      •  The committee will focus on students who are compulsory school age (age 6-18) but not enrolled in public, private, or home schooling.