E-Bulletin - June 12, 2018

e bulletin 31.  Winkler Elementary School Presentation
• Principal Barb Neufeld, joined by Vice Principal Cindy Hamilton and staff members Bill Prazak, Alwin Friesen, Rebecca Rach, Louise Fultz, Madhura Animalla, and Brook McGillivary provided an overview of Professional Learning Communities (PLC’s) and Response to Intervention (RTI) at Winkler Elementary School.
• The Math and ELA PLC’s created a goal of 80% of students achieving a learning indicator of 3 or 4. The goals have not been met to date but teachers are excited by the progress that has been witnessed. 
• Next steps: 1) a continued focus on PLC’s and RTI; 2) improving tier 1 instruction for all students; and 3) identifying the essential outcomes for learning.
2. Pine Ridge School Catchment Decision (for June 12, 2018 Board Meeting decision presentation visit
• After reviewing the feedback from all sources, the decision of the Board, as recommended by the catchment committee, is to proceed with option 4 from the community consultations:
o Convert JRW to a K-3 school and ECS to a grades 4-8 school.
o Students living in the Pine Ridge Development will attend Pine Ridge School.
o Students living north of Highway 14 in the Gemstone, Redhawk and Rosebrook areas will attend Pine Ridge School. New students moving into these areas in the future may be assigned to any school in Winkler depending on available capacity at the time.
o For families living in the Village of Reinfeld the following will apply:
 Students currently attending Parkland School = will continue to attend Parkland School.
 Students currently attending WES; JRW; ECS = 2 options:
• Approximately 100 students can choose to attend SWD/PDS.
• Remainder of students will attend Pine Ridge School. 
 Southwood and Prairie Dale Schools will become a catchment placement for students in the Village of Reinfeld in order to maximize the available space at these schools.
• High School Feeder Placement - After reviewing the community feedback, and the implications with different options, students completing grade 8 at Pine Ridge School will attend Northlands Parkway Collegiate.
3.  Early Years Literacy Results – May 2018
• GVSD goal is for 85% of K-4 students reading at or above grade level.
• Fountas and Pinnell assessment results for May 2018 for Kindergarten to Gr. 4 students indicate that overall, 77% of students are reading at or above grade level.
o Kindergarten = 76%
o Gr. 1 = 78%   Gr. 3 = 77%
o Gr. 2 = 75%   Gr. 4 = 77%
4.  Middle Years Assessment Results 2017-2018
• 2017-2018 results indicate that GVSD students are performing above the provincial average in the percentage of students meeting grade level expectations in all areas of Gr. 7 Math, Gr. 7 Student Engagement and Gr. 8 Reading Comprehension and Expository Writing.
•  Grade 7 Math - Above the provincial average in all 5 categories.
o Area of greatest strength = ordering decimals (82.3%).
o Area of greatest challenge = solving math problems (55.8%).
• Gr. 7 student engagement - Above the provincial average in all 5 categories.
o Area of greatest strength = accepting responsibility for assignments (65.8%).
o Area of greatest challenge = engaging in self-assessment (52.1%).
• Gr. 8 English Language Arts - Above the provincial average in all 6 categories.
o Area of greatest strength = students understand key ideas and messages in a variety of texts (73.8%).
o Area of greatest challenge = responding critically to a variety of texts (61.1%).
• Assessment data is reviewed by schools and teachers in their Professional Learning Communities with the goal to improve student achievement.
5.  Gr. 12 Provincial Standards Tests Results – Semester 1 – 2017-2018
• Gr. 12 Essential Math - Results are similar to the provincial average, in both mean scores and pass rates.
o Mean score =  52.7 (GVSD)  52.2 (Prov)
o Pass rate =  53.3 (GVSD)  55.6 (Prov)
• Gr. 12 Pre-Calculus – Slightly higher than the provincial average in mean score and pass rate.
o Mean score =  69 (GVSD)  67.4 (Prov)
o Pass rate =  90 (GVSD) 79 (Prov)
• Gr. 12 English Language Arts – Slightly higher than the provincial average for both mean score and pass rate.
o Mean Score =  68.5 (GVSD)  68.1 (Prov)
o Pass rate = 89.7 (GVSD)  87.5 (Prov)