E-Bulletin, April 9, 2019

e bulletin 31.  GVC and NPC School Presentation
• Principals Tammy MacDonald (NPC) and Scott Jantzen (GVC) presented about Pathways for Deep Learning.
• An education innovation of 6 competencies which are the skill sets each and every student needs to achieve and excel in, in order to flourish in today’s complex world.
2.  GVSD Five Year Capital Plan
• Each year all school divisions are required to submit a 5-year capital plan to the Public Schools Finance Branch.
• The GVSD Board submitted 5 requests for renovations to existing facilities.
3.  Community Connections – Manitoba Education Commission
• The Government of Manitoba has appointed a nine-person commission to carry out a comprehensive review of the K-12 education system.  The review will focus on a wide range of topics such as student learning, teaching and whether to amalgamate school divisions or get rid of them entirely.
• When the opportunity arises with the Commission, the Board of Trustees encourages all individuals to take the time to provide input, because schools belong to communities. 
• For more information please visit the “Local Voices, Local Choices” page on our GVSD website at www.gvsd.ca.