E-Bulletin, January 15, 2020

e bulletin 31.   Prairie Dale School Presentation
• Principal David Hoeppner and Vice Principal Anny Froese presented an overview of changes that occurred this year at Prairie Dale School. A group of 40+ students from Reinfeld joined Prairie Dale at the beginning of this school year. The increase in student enrolment resulted in transition planning and several staffing changes.
The staff focused on building relationships and supporting students through the transition process. New students are getting involved in extra-curricular opportunities, making new friends and enjoying their new school.

2.   Presentation by Hochfeld Parents
• A group of parents from the village of Hochfeld shared a presentation regarding the future of Hochfeld School. They are thankful for the Hochfeld School but expressed concerns regarding the extra-curricular opportunities, specialty programming, multi-grade classrooms and grade 9 transition. The group proposed that Hochfeld School become a grades 1-6 school and grade 7 and 8 students attend Prairie Dale School.

3.  Early Development Instrument Report
• The Early Development Instrument measures children's ability to meet age-appropriate developmental expectations across five domains. The GVSD EDI results were shared. In 2019, Kindergarten students were demonstrating strengths in all domains.