E-Bulletin, September 2010


1.  Welcome Back – Superintendent Reimer offered these words of welcome to all staff and students for the 2010 -2011 school year; “I truly hope you have had a relaxing summer spending time with family and friends. We’re excited about the upcoming school year and look forward to an incredible time of learning, growth, and personal development for all students and staff.”

2. Additional Kindergarten Class at Border Valley School – Due to large registration numbers, a second kindergarten class has been created at Border Valley School. The teacher has been hired and working with the school to help with the transition of moving children into the second class.  

3.    Preliminary Enrolment - Early reports reveal that school enrolment numbers are somewhat beyond projections. Overall, we projected an increase of 70 students totaling 4312. September 14 preliminary enrolment numbers came in at 4391 or an increase of 149 students. Enrolment usually stabilizes by the annual provincial reporting deadline of September 30.

4.  Northlands Parkway Collegiate / Prairie Dale School Progress Report – The public is invited to attend an open house at the Garden Valley School Division offices on September 28 from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm to update the public on the status of the new school projects. There will be a gallery walk showing the planning process and current drawings for both Prairie Dale School and Northlands Parkway Collegiate.   

5.  JR Walkof School Presentation – Teachers Amy Rachul and Kath Penner shared how they are using technology in the classroom with early year’s students. Both teachers highlighted their use of Shutterfly as a website creation tool where they can post student work, classroom happenings, calendars and much more. All in attendance were impressed with some of the samples of amazing work created by students using technology in a grade 1 class!


1.   Fibre Optic Project – Crews have been working in recent weeks to lay the fibre in the ground from the division office to Garden Valley Collegiate and Parkland School. Final terminations are being completed and it is anticipated that Internet service should be running by mid September 2010.  

2.   Projects Update – The summer has been extremely busy with the many projects that are taking place in the division.
Plum Coulee School Roof Project – Most of the renovations to the gym and the school roof have been completed. The project should be completed by end of October.

GVCTEC – Although a lot of work has taken place over the summer at GVCTEC, construction crews are still working to complete the administration suite and classrooms. Project should be completed by mid-October.

Prairie Dale School - To date, the piling work has been done and the grade beam work is scheduled to be completed by the end of the September. Present work is focusing on the second storey of the building. The plan is to have the school building completely enclosed with the roof on by November.

GVC Office Renovations – Renovations have been completed in the main office, the resource area, and the student services area at GVC.  These renovations provide additional office space, as well as additional private space for working with students. 


1.      GVSD Parade Float – A letter was received from the Plum Fest Parade Coordinator awarding the GVSD float as the “most enthusiastic”. The Board of Trustees would like to thank the Parent Advisory Councils that assisted with locating student volunteers for both the Plum Fest Parade and the Winkler Harvest Festival parade.