E-Bulletin, October 2010


1.  Prairie Dale School – On October 13 Garden Valley School Division will hold 2 meetings to discuss the transition of Southwood catchment students currently attending grade 7 at Emerado Centennial School to Prairie Dale School. The first meeting will take place with students at lunch time to get their input and then with the parents/guardians at 7:30 pm at Southwood School. The feedback from these meetings will assist the School Board in making decisions regarding Prairie Dale School startup.


2. GVCTEC Open House – On October 14 from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm the public is invited to attend an open house at GVCTEC to celebrate the completion of the phase 5 renovations, which include Alternative Education  classrooms, new bathrooms, and an administrative suite. A BBQ lunch will be served.   

3.    September 30 Enrolment – September 30 student enrolment numbers indicate a total enrolment of 4312 students, an increase of 70 students from September 30, 2009. This increase is exactly where the school division had projected student enrolment for the 2010-2011school year.

4. Northlands Parkway Collegiate / Prairie Dale School Progress Report – On September 28 the school division held an open house to update the public on the status of the new school projects. The board of trustees would like to thank all those who attended and for the comments from individuals as they enjoyed a gallery walk showing the planning process and current drawings for both Prairie Dale School and Northlands Parkway Collegiate. Some of the drawings will continue to be posted in the main lobby of the division offices for people who are still interested in viewing the plans.


1.   Border Valley School – The Board of Trustees has approved minor renovations at Border Valley School in order to provide students with change rooms during physical education time. Due to increasing student enrolment in the past, the space allocated for change rooms had been used for other reasons. The change rooms will once again be available for student use in the near future.

2.   Projects Update –

    1. Plum Coulee School Roof Project – This project is complete, with the exception of some deficiencies that need to be addressed.
    2. GVCTEC – Phase 5 is complete. An open house will be held on October 14 to celebrate the completion of these renovations.
    3. Prairie Dale School – The gym floor has been completed and grouted and the second floor roof joists are progressing.  
    4. GVC Elevator – The existing shaft and structure have been demolished and the piling work is complete.


1.      Thank You to the Board of Trustees – The Superintendent extended words of gratitude for all the great work done by the Board of Trustees over the past four years and offered best wishes to all. It was noted that on behalf of the Senior Administration and all employees of the division, students and parents it has been an honor to work for and with each of the Trustees, all of whom have demonstrated a commitment to public education and operating great schools based on core community values and educational excellence.   

2.      Dates to Remember:

    1. October 19, 7 PM – Trustee Election Public Forum at PW Enns Concert Hall
    2. October 27 - School Board Elections