E-Bulletin, March 8, 2011


1.  2011-2012 Strategic Plan – Trustees and administrators met February 28th and determined the 2011-2012 major objectives to be 1) implement programs focused on social justice, sustainability, and service learning; and 2) focus on educational practices that improve student learning.  

2. Kindergarten Registrations –291 students are registered for September 2011.  Projected kindergarten enrolment is 325.  Parents who have not yet registered are to contact their local school.


1.       2011-2012 Budget – The 2011-2012 budget was approved and a Tax Incentive Grant (TIG) of $646,173 will be accepted.  The mil rate will be held at 21.02. Main factors to consider the TIG at this time:

a)       no enrolment increases projected for 2011-2012,

b)      additional 3.3% funding (approximately $817,000) from the Province,

c)       additional new school start up grants (approximately $413,000) from the Province.

The accumulated surplus, projected to be $1.3 million, is designated for various capital projects. Details available at www.gvsd.ca .


Project Updates –

  1. Prairie Dale School – On track for July completion; crews beginning work on the gym floor and the suspended ceiling.
  2. Northlands Parkway Collegiate – Tender in March; construction commencing late spring. The planning committee is focusing on the September 2013 opening.
  3. GVCTEC – Up to $4,500.00 allocated toward renovations to accommodate programming needs.