E-Bulletin April 12, 2011


1.  MSBA Convention – The Board attended the Manitoba School Boards Association annual convention March 17 – 19. The topic was “Governing and Engaging All Students.”  Keynote speakers included Avis Glaze, Jamie Wilson, Sheldon Kennedy and Kevin Chief.  

2. 2011-2012 Teaching Positions – Teaching positions are posted on the GVSD website.  Interviews will begin in April for September placement.  GVSD is not expecting as many positions available this year compared to recent years.

3. Dual Credit Programs – RRTVA – The Board agreed to support a resolution developed by the Red River Technical Vocational Area allowing students who have completed high school to return to access after-grad credits in certain vocational programs. Students would be responsible for any costs which exceed funding from Manitoba Education.

4. 2011-2012 School Year Calendar – The Board approved the 2011-2012 school year calendar; beginning September 6, 2011 and concluding Friday, June 29, 2012. For more information, please check the division website at www.gvsd.ca.

5. Emerado Centennial School Presentation – Principal Garth Doerksen, and staff members Janice Krahn, Donna Pelser, and Darren Crane presented the exciting youth in philanthropy projects taking place at ECS.  Students have been eagerly involved to raise money for various worthy causes, including: the Winkler Cheer Board, South Central Cancer Care, MCC Relief Kits, Hats for Haiti, the Rainbow Society, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Jump Rope for Heart, to name a few.   


Projects Update –

  1. a.      Prairie Dale School – The 2nd floor of the east wing is complete and millwork is being installed. The elevator installation is almost complete and electrical and mechanical is on schedule. Gym painting is half finished and the exterior brick around the gym is almost complete.  
  2. b.     Northlands Parkway Collegiate – Final tender drawings have been approved by the Board, with final approval from the Public School s Finance Board expected by April 15. Tenders will go out as soon as possible and extend for about 4 weeks.