E-Bulletin, May 10, 2011


1. Staffing Update – To date 43 positions posted; 29 positions filled for 2011-2012.  Of those 29 positions, 23 have been filled by internally contracted term staff.  For current information on employment opportunities available in GVSD, please check the division website at www.gvsd.ca.

2. Parkland School Presentation –Moyra V., Jason S. and Kristen M. provided an overview of a unique program - Roots of Empathy - designed to help children develop empathy and understanding toward others by working with an infant.  The Board was extremely pleased to welcome Baby Drew and his mom Kim who participated in the program this year. As a result of positive feedback the school plans to expand the program for 2011-2012.   

3. Strategic Plan Update – Highlights of the current plan include: purchase and implementation for September 2011 of a new student information system called Power School; Student Services Review Committee engaged school support teams in discussion related to inclusion and service delivery; Early Literacy Committee heard reports on reading intervention models in the region, how they are funded and success rates; and as a result of letters from the Board to Manitoba Education, additional funding received for new school start up and furnishings.


1.     Projects Update –

a.      Prairie Dale School – North and east brickwork complete; brickwork begun on southern portions.  Partitions being erected in the administration area and painting is complete in the east end.   

b.     Northlands Parkway Collegiate – Board is waiting for approval from PSFB on the final tender drawings.  A May 18 meeting has been scheduled with PSFB and the architects to review final drawings. 

2.     Winter Busing - The Board has created a draft policy to be shared with principals and Advisory Councils for additional feedback. The Board supports healthy living and encourages students to walk to and from school when possible. The Board believes that winter busing may be necessary for eligible K-4 students within the limits of the financial, material, and human resources of the Division.

3.     Gymnasium Upgrade / Enhancement Program – A provincial program whereby older schools can apply to have upgrades / enhancements to existing gymnasiums.  A request has been submitted to PSFB for the Winkler Elementary School auditorium.