E-Bulletin, January 15, 2020

e bulletin 31.   Prairie Dale School Presentation
• Principal David Hoeppner and Vice Principal Anny Froese presented an overview of changes that occurred this year at Prairie Dale School. A group of 40+ students from Reinfeld joined Prairie Dale at the beginning of this school year. The increase in student enrolment resulted in transition planning and several staffing changes.

E-Bulletin, June 11, 2019

e bulletin 31.  Emerado Centennial School Presentation
• Principal Garth Doerksen and Vice Principal Jacqui Kusnick presented on Emerado Centennial School’s transition plan as they prepare to become a Gr. 4-8 school.
• Emerado focuses on developing well-rounded students through academics, critical thinking, problem solving, personal values, citizenship, global awareness and global responsibility.