Great Schools Committed to Excellence

Garden Valley School Division believes that education is a process that aims for the whole development of the individual – academically, physically, socially and morally. The division believes that schools can achieve greatness by reflecting a strong values base and implementing educational processes to ensure excellence.

Research in both education and industry confirms that, as we progress into the 21st Century, western society has the opportunity to move from effectiveness to greatness. What we have learned from research in the last fifteen years has placed us on the cusp of one of the most exciting epochs in the 200-year history of education. We have a research base from which to create and sustain great schools, schools that optimize teaching, learning, and student achievement.

Garden Valley School Division schools will continue to reflect the moral values of our homes and community. We will model and teach the values of integrity, honesty, respect for the law and for people, fairness, transparency, civility, equity, and acceptance of the consequences of our actions. The division is committed to continuous innovation and improvement to ensure we provide excellent education to the students we serve.