Parkland Enjoys Winter Fun Day

parkland winter fun-day 130x97Parkland School celebrated its annual Winter Fun Day on Friday, February 6, 2015. This all-day event, coordinated by the Vice Principal, Mrs. Linda Dyck, had students participating in a variety of activities that can be enjoyed during the winter season.

The students spent the day with their “buddy” (a student of a different age that they have been paired up with for the year), going through a variety of stations. “The stations we include in this day are planned to promote the fun you can have in winter being active and pursuing a healthy lifestyle – enjoying and maximizing what the snow and the cold season bring us,” says Mrs. Dyck. “This day is also community building for our Parkland Community," noted Mrs. Dyck.

Many of the activities take place outside, but in true Canadian winter fashion, intervals of time are spent inside – to warm up and take a break from the active play in some of the other stations. Outdoor activities included in this year's Fun Day included broom ball, skating, street hockey in the bus loop, mountain [snow hill] climbing and a photo scavenger hunt. Indoor activities included floor curling, mini stick hockey, table games, penguin art, story time and drinking hot chocolate to warm up between all the fresh air activities.

See below for some photos of the Winter Fun Day:

broom ball-2    broom ball    floor curling    floor curling_2    hot chocolate

hot chocolate_2    mini stick_hockey    mini stick_hockey__2    photo scavenger_hunt    photo scavenger_hunt_2

skating    skating 2    skating 3    snow hill_climbing    snow hill_climbing_2     street hockey_bus_loop

table games    table games_2    table games_3    winter art_penguins    winter art_penguins_2

winter themed_art_activity