J.R. Walkof Students Partner With Grandparents For Reading

IMG 0335 130x97Grade two students at J.R. Walkof School have been partnering with grandparents and community members to develop their reading skills.

Community members and grandparents are invited to come and read with the students for a 7 week block in October/November and again in February/March. The volunteers come on Thursday mornings for an hour and a half.

A special invitation is sent home to grandparents who are new to the project. Previous participants are also contacted to see if they would like to participate again. There are usually about 20-25 volunteers for each session. They are partnered with one or two students from one of the grade 2 classes in half hour slots. The morning begins in the multi-purpose room, where half of the partners stay there to read, while others go into the classroom.

The community reading program was started about 6 or 7 years ago as a way to involve community members in the promotion of reading. The program began specifically with grandparents, but has since been opened up to anyone who is interested. Several of the volunteers have now been coming for many years, starting with their grandchildren in grade 2 and then just continuing on. The reading program is growing, and also includes several volunteer participants from Gateway Resources.

This reading program continues to be a wonderful experience for both the students and the volunteers, and the school wishes to convey a big thank you to all of the volunteers! See photos of this program below:


IMG 0331    IMG 0332    IMG 0333    IMG 0334    IMG 0335

IMG 0336    IMG 0337    IMG 0338    IMG 3263    IMG 3264

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