Blue Bomber Players Visit Plum Coulee School

IMG 4337 130x97It was a day of 'Blue and Gold' for Plum Coulee School, as students were visited by three popular Winnipeg Blue Bomber players. Matt Buchnor, Maurice (Moe) Leggett and Teague Sherman dropped by for a visit to the school, and were also accompanied by Bomber mascots Buzz and Boomer.

The visit was part of the Blue Bombers Spring Caravan, which travels to rural communities during the winter and spring season. According to the Blue Bombers Spring Caravan organizers, the aim of the community caravan tour is to bring goodwill, energy, and excitement, and also promote the Blue Bombers as Manitoba's team. The Spring Caravan is a way for the Blue Bombers to give back to the community.

The Blue Bomber players took time to deliver positive messages to the students, showing a football highlights and Grey Cup video. Each of the players shared some personal stories about how they have been successful in life, with a particular emphasis on education. The values of healthy eating, goal setting, determination and hard work were key elements in the presenter's stories.

Teague Sherman (#27) began the presentations by describing his growing up years and the role that playing sports and remaining active has played throughout his life. "Be active, play lots of sports, and eat healthy," Sherman told the students. He encouraged the students by saying that, in all they do, "try your best to make healthy choices."

Matt Bucknor (#2) spoke of the importance of getting an education. He recalled how his interest in school began to decrease in grade 9. He realized that watching TV and playing video games were becoming distractions to his studies. Once he regained his focus his grades improved significantly. Describing his habits now as a professional athlete, he told the students, "we have to study every night, and if we don't, we don't play well." Bucknor teased the audience about writing tests. "Our 'test' is game day," he told the students, "and you have to prepare your body and your mind every single day."

Moe Leggett (#31) shared his story about the importance of working hard. He recalled how he was always small for his age when he was young. Growing up and playing football and always being hit hard resulted in him becoming a very tough player. "No matter what you do, no matter what you want to be, I challenge you to never give up and quit," Leggett told the students.

In thanking the Blue Bomber players for their visit, Plum Coulee School Principal Mary Eberling-Penner encouraged all the students by saying "make smart choices for your body, make smart choices for your mind, and be encouraged to keep going."

As part of the Spring Caravan tour, all students in attendance (and staff) received a team poster, and an autograph session followed the player presentations. Students and staff also received a 20%-off coupon for The ‘Bomber Store.

The Blue Bomber Community Caravan tour will visit 16 Manitoba communities, including 26 schools, from February to May this year. With Manitoba hosting the 103rd Grey Cup game on November 29, the Blue Bombers Winter Caravan also hopes to build excitement for the upcoming season and strengthen connections with Manitoba communities.

The Blue Bombers Spring Caravan continues with visits to Altona, Morden, Winkler (which includes visits to Parkland School and Emerado School on April 29) and Portage la Prairie.

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