Parkland School Hosts Cultural Celebration

2018 pls cultural day 1 130x97Parkland School celebrated another successful Cultural Celebration Day on May 4, 2018. As in the past celebrations, a highlight of the day was the Parade of Flags. This year's celebration saw 32 nations represented at the school. Parkland has been celebrating this cultural event since 2009, when there were 13 nations represented in the school.

When students were asked what country they or their families are from, over half of Parkland’s current student population identified with nations other than Canada! Parkland School has truly become a multi-national learning community.

Throughout the day, students were able to visit 7 out of 29 presentations about various cultures. Many parents, community members, and GVSD staff were involved as presenters. Presentations included the Blanket Activity from the aboriginal community, the Deaf Culture, and hoop dancing. There were also presentations on many nations, including Australia, Asia, Europe, Africa, and South America! An excellent day was had by everyone.

See below photos of the cultural event:

2018 pls cultural day 1    2018 pls cultural day 2    2018 pls cultural day 3    2018 pls cultural day 4    2018 pls cultural day 5

2018 pls cultural day 6