Long-Serving GVSD Choral Teacher Passes Away

k giesbrecht photo 130x97Garden Valley School Division is mourning the loss of long-serving teacher Karen Giesbrecht, who passed away suddenly on September 17, 2019. Karen Giesbrecht, wife of former GVC Principal Dan Giesbrecht, taught in GVSD for over 30 years and touched the lives of many students and teachers.

A well-loved teacher, Mrs. Giesbrecht worked for many years at Winkler Elementary School, where she instilled her passion for music and singing in her students. Mrs. Giesbrecht joined the NPC staff in 2013, where she founded and built an outstanding high school choral program. Mrs. Giesbrecht's collaborative spirit and dedication to young people extended beyond the boundaries of her school. In addition to founding the GVSD Divisional Youth Choir and Prairie Soundscape, Mrs. Giesbrecht also served as President of the Central Manitoba Choral Association and the Marketing/Communications Chair of Manitoba Choral Association. Mrs. Giesbrecht leaves behind a rich legacy, and she will be greatly missed.

GVSD extends its deepest condolences to Karen Giesbrecht's family, friends, colleagues, and school community during this difficult time. A Memorial service for Karen Giesbrecht was held at 11:00 AM on Tuesday September 24, 2019 at the Winkler Bergthaler Mennonite Church. A public devotional took place at 7:30PM on Monday September 23 at Emmanuel Mennonite Church.

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