Plum Coulee Celebrates I Love To Read Month

books 1Plum Coulee School kicked off their I Love To Read Month with an assembly in the gym on February 2. The theme at Plum Coulee this month is "Wild about Reading." Students will take part in Stop Drop and Read activities, and also enjoy special visitors in their classrooms. Each class will get a mystery visitor during one of the daily Stop, Drop and Read times.  If the class correctly guesses the identity of the visitor, they will get a treat of "animal crackers" (would you guess that the volunteer panda in the photo below is Kindergarten teacher Lori Driedger?). There are also daily animal trivia questions with prizes, as well as the Principal's Reading Challenge to each class.

Grade 6 students will be preparing a Reader’s Theatre, and classes will be able to invite the group in to present their show. A highlight this month is the Hall Party being planned for Friday, February 27th. Students can come dressed up as an animal or a favorite book character.

As a special part of this month's focus on reading, Grade 2 & 3 students will also be receiving a Premier’s Reading Certificate.

Below are some photos of the activities taking place at Plum Coulee School.

pcs-1    pcs-2    pcs-3

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Parkland Celebrates I Love To Read Month

books 1Parkland School is celebrating I Love To Read month with a variety of reading-related activities. The theme at Parkland for February is "Warm up with a good book." The school is inviting guest readers to come into the classrooms and read to the students. Guest readers include classroom teachers, parents, and members of the Winkler Flyers. Parkland will also run a Readathon in the gym event.

Other fun events that are planned include the following:

-Wear something with words on it day; Dress as a book character day; Drop everything and read Tuesdays

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Southwood Celebrates I Love To Read Month

books 1Southwood School is celebrating a month of reading-related festivities, using the theme "Literacy is a human right." Students in Grade 1 created posters based on a discussion about human rights. See photos below.

020    042    046    050    079

Southwood also has a school-wide project called "Raise Your Right". The following displays were created by Grade 3 students at Southwood.

swd-1    swd-2    swd-3

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