book ideas for parents 1The following are some book ideas for parents. Appropriate books, whether fiction or non-fiction, can build excitement and a sense of adventure for young readers. Check out the below list of excellent books that encourage reading and literacy at home.


 book zeroZero   by Kathryn Otoshi

This beautiful picture book tells the story of the number “Zero” who feels left out and worthless. It is relatable to kids and adults of all ages. Marco, 12, says, “Zero finds that he is just as important as every other number! Let's go Zero!”



book magnificant thingThe Most Magnificent Thing   by Ashley Spires

The main character in this book is trying to build something amazing and gets frustrated when it doesn’t turn out as she envisioned it. In the end, her perseverance and grit pay off. Mrs. Floyd shares it with her class because it is a “great book for demonstrating skills of effort, motivation, and persistence.”



reading to childRead Aloud Book Lists for All Ages

Reading aloud to children is the best way to give them a solid literacy foundation and later reading success. See the below link for read-aloud book ideas for reading to children of all ages.

Imagination Soup - Read Aloud Book Lists for All Ages