Numeracy for Parents

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What is Numeracy?

Numeracy is the ability to understand and work with numbers. Numeracy is critical for interpreting the data-driven world we live in. Parents are important partners in ensuring a student's mathematical success. Research shows that children who live in homes where parents nurture a positive and numeracy-rich learning environment are most likely to become confident math learners. Everyday activities, such as cooking and baking, can provide many opportunities for applying an understanding of math concepts. Home is where a child's connection with everyday math can grow!

Numeracy development from Kindergarten to Grade 8 is a major strategic goal for Garden Valley School Division, and the division is excited to be partnering with parents in this endeavor. Please visit our numeracy resources for parents to see how you can help your child develop confidence and positive attitudes towards math.

tips for parents 2Parents/guardians can have a significant impact on their children's numeracy development. By providing mathematical activities at home, parents can help encourage math learning skills and habits from an early age through to high school. Below are some resources that offer some great numeracy tips and ways parents can be more involved in their children’s numeracy development.

videos for parents 1The following are some videos that offer valuable information to parents on developing young math learners. Videos can bring experts to you, and can be watched at a time and place that's convenient to you. Check out the below list of video resources that encourage building a positive mindset about mathematics at home.

websites apps for parents 1The Web offers a multitude of resources that help parents as they foster an enjoyment of math in their children. Websites and specialized apps can also be interactive and fun for students. Below are some websites and apps that offer valuable resources for developing young mathemathical thinkers.

books resources for parents 1The following are some book and game ideas for parents. Appropriate books and games can build fun and a sense of accomplishment for young math learners. Check out the below list of excellent books and games that encourage numeracy development at home.

articles for parents 1The following are some articles that offer valuable expert information to parents on developing young math students. Articles written for parents can provide answers to questions that parents may have about supporting their children's daily math activities. Check out the below list of articles that encourage numeracy at home.