New School Update - Dec. 7, 2017

new school 130x97 up1The planning of the new K-8 School in Winkler is on schedule. Project drawings will be complete by December 31st. Tender is slated for January, and construction to begin in February.

The onsite activity a few weeks ago involved the pounding of test piles for the foundation.

After the opening of NPC in 2013, new Pedestrian Legislation was introduced mandating pedestrian safety must be taken into account when selecting the school site and during all stages of the school design process.

GVSD and the City of Winkler are collaborating to ensure pedestrian and traffic safety. A traffic study will be conducted. Traffic control devices like speed limits, signs, crosswalks, and pedestrian corridors will be reviewed. Recommendations will be forwarded to the traffic authority for implementation prior to the school opening.