school bus_smallTransportation, a branch of operations, ensures that the divsion is equipped with a safe and efficient transportation system. Garden Valley School Division is committed to providing safe and well maintained vehicles to transport students, and to hire qualified, trained, and concerned individuals to drive the vehicles. GVSD constantly monitors the busing system with an emphasis on improving safety by providing in-service training for all personnel involved.

The safety of students travelling on school buses is a prime concern to all drivers. Whenever approaching a school bus with flashing lights or other warning devices, whether approaching it from the front or rear, there are traffic laws that must be obeyed. Please see MPI's "The 60-Second Driver" as well as our side menu link on bus safety for more school bus safety driving tips

From time to time there may be occasions where your bus may be delayed due to road or weather conditions, or mechanical breakdown etc.  When there is a delay, we request parents along bus routes to receive instruction from the Division Office and relay the information and updates to other parents via a phone tree calling procedure. The Transportation Office thanks you for your co-operation and assistance.

In the event of an emergency closing of schools due to poor weather (eg. winter storms), the GVSD board policy on the emergency closing of schools due to poor weather and road conditions will be in effect. See policy regarding Emergency Closing of Schools.