Bus Driver Benefits

Garden Valley School Division has a number of benefits to offer to employees:

Pension Plan

  • The amoung a person pays is matched by the School Division.

Long Term Disability Plan

  • The School Division pays the total cost of the premium.

Personal Life Insurance

  • The School Division pays a portio of the cost of the premium.

Sick Leave Benefits

  • Paid by the School Division.

Family Medical Leave Benefits

  • Paid by the School Division

Personal Leave Benefits

  • Paid by the School Division

Other optional benefits include:

  • Family Life Insurance
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance
  • Blue Cross Extended Health Care Plan

Duties of Bus Drivers

As per GVSD Board policy (Current Code: EEAEA), the duties of bus drivers are defined below: 

Position:  School Bus Driver

Reports to:   Supervisor of Operations
A school bus driver’s primary responsibility is to provide safe transport of students at all times. They shall
maintain a neat, clean and safe work environment. Drivers are responsible to create and maintain a positive
working relationship with students, staff and parents.

Position Summary:

1. Drivers shall abide by the regulations outlined in the Public Schools Act, Highway Traffic Act and School Board Policies.

2. Drivers must be safety conscious and use all equipment properly to ensure the safety of all persons and other vehicles at all times.

3. Drivers must maintain order and discipline on their school bus.

4. Drivers shall consider the ages and needs of the students as they perform their duties.

5. Through their knowledge of school policy and bus safety rules, drivers shall communicate with parents in promoting a cooperative safety focus for children.

6. Drivers shall work collegially and professionally with colleagues from a base of mutual respect.

7. Drivers must be in good physical and mental health to perform their duties safely and efficiently. If unable to perform their duties they must inform their supervisor.

8. Drivers must ensure the bus is road worthy before each trip as per the designated pre-trip inspection procedure.

9. Drivers shall positively and professionally represent the Division while performing their duties.

10. Drivers, on occasion, may be asked to perform other duties as assigned by their supervisor or designate.

Becoming a Bus Driver

There are opportunities available to persons interested in bus driving. Are you considering earning some extra income? Does working Monday to Friday with weekends off, and having holidays at Christmas, spring break, and July & August appeal to you? School bus drivers are required for regular routes, spare driving and field trips. As well, driving a school bus as a casual driver could lead to permanent employment. Driving a school bus is an excellent opportunity to:

  • Earn a secondary income
  • Supplement your retirement plan

The following are some requirements of bus driving candidates:

  • Enjoy working with children
  • Have held a driver's licence for five years with a good driving record
  • Being physically fit

Persons with the necessary qualifications may begin to work towards a School Bus Driver's licence. See also the Duties of a Bus Driver.

To find out more about a career as a School Bus Driver please visit our Bus Driver Requirements  page, and/or call: Angela Plett @ 325-8335.

Bus Driver Requirements

There are many opportunities and benefits available to a person interested in becoming a school bus driver. If you are considering becoming a bus driver, you must have or acquire the following necessary qualifications:

  • A Manitoba class 2 driver's license to operate a school bus
  • A School Bus Operator Certificate
  • A First Aid Certificate
  • High School diploma preferred 

Manitoba Education Requirements:

To drive a school bus carrying passengers in Manitoba, individuals are required to meet the training requirements of both Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) and Manitoba Education. Please see Manitoba Education's  Pupil Transportation requirements on the Manitoba Education Web site.

Application Process:

To begin the application process, please complete the non-teaching support staff application form indicating you are interested in becoming a school bus driver under b) general application.  Typically the school division offers bus driver training twice a year – in fall and in spring. You will be contacted prior to the start of the training course. There is no cost to attend the school bus driver training course.  The course includes 24 hours classroom instruction, practical instruction in a school bus, school bus driver handbook, and standard first aid certificate.

When you have completed the training course and are evaluated by a school bus driver trainer and if you currently hold a class 2 or class 1 licence, or upgrade to a class 2 licence from MPI, you will be interviewed by administration from GVSD to determine suitability as a school bus driver for Garden Valley School Division. Participants are responsible for the cost of the child abuse registry check, criminal record check, and driver’s abstract, written tests required by MPI (class 2 and school bus), and practical class 2/school bus road test, as well as the medical required to obtain a class 2 licence. When you  provide all the above information, completed the school bus driver course and passed all the required tests and obtained a recommendation from GVSD as a result of the interview process, GVSD will request Manitoba Education, Pupil Transportation Unit, to issue a School Bus Operator’s Certificate for you. 

Route bus drivers in Garden Valley School Division are members of the Christian Labour Association of Canada (CLAC). Please do not hesitate to contact the Garden Valley School Division office at 325-8335 and ask to speak to Angela Plett, Transportation Supervisor, if you have any further questions.