Winter Routes Update

Winter bus routes conclude in March. Winter bus routes resume for the winter season. Please check this website link again for future updates. For more details, also see the GVSD policy on winter busing below.

Winter Busing

1.0 Purpose:

To provide winter busing for eligible Kindergarten to Grade 4 students November 1 thru March 31.

2.0 Scope:

Students, Parents

3.1 Policy:

3.2 The Board supports healthy living and encourages students to walk to and from school when possible.

3.3 The Division receives funding for and is obligated to provide transportation to students living more than 1.6km from their designated school. Winter busing provided to students living less than 1.6km from their school is a privilege and funded locally at the discretion of the Board.

3.4 Due to circumstances including extreme weather, the Board believes that for kindergarten to grade four students, winter busing may be necessary. The Board will make every effort to provide winter busing to eligible students within the limits of the financial, material, and human resources of the Division.

4.1 Procedures:

4.2 Winter bus transportation will always be contingent on the availability of bus drivers, buses, or both.

4.3 To determine which Kindergarten to grade four students are eligible for winter busing, the Transportation Department will use computer software using GPS coordinates and the following criteria:

4.3.1 A distance of .80 kilometers to a maximum of 1.599 kilometers from the designated school.

4.3.2 All walking paths will be used in the calculations.

4.4 All eligible participants will be pre-registered annually and notified through the Operations Department.

4.5 All registered participants will be issued a form of identification to recognize their qualification to ride.

4.6 There will be no exceptions made for non-eligible / non-registered students to receive winter busing. This includes filling empty bus seats and permitting older siblings of eligible students to receive winter busing.

4.7 All decisions of the Operations Department, with respect to registration, will be final.

[ Download policy document: pdfWinter_Busing.pdf ]