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Assistant Secretary-Treasurer Position Description


Position:            Assistant Secretary-Treasurer

Reports To:       Secretary-Treasurer

Policy:              The Board believes that its employees can most effectively contribute their skills, expertise and       experience to benefit the Division’s students when clearly articulated descriptions of their roles and responsibilities guide their work and professional activity. Accordingly, this policy identifies the core roles and responsibilities of the Assistant Secretary-Treasurer of the Garden Valley School Division.       

General Responsibilities:

The Assistant Secretary-Treasurer

  1. Performs duties for the Division as stipulated in the Public Schools Act of Manitoba, provincial statutes and regulations, and the by-laws and policies of the Board
  2. Reports regularly to the Secretary-Treasurer about the activities of the organizational unit for which the Assistant Secretary-Treasurer is responsible
  3. Directs, coordinates and evaluates the accounting and payroll functions of the Division
  4. Supervises all staff in the Finance and Payroll departments
  5. May delegate portions of duties to designate personnel, but retains definitive responsibility and accountability for related results
  6. Maintains membership in appropriate professional associations, and participates in the activities of such associations to further personal professional development and thereby benefit the Division
  7. Attends all meetings as deemed necessary by the Superintendent or designate

Specific Authority, Duties and Responsibilities:

A. Finance Procedures Management 

  1. Establish procedures for efficient and effective operations in the Finance Department of the Division.
  1. Primary support and troubleshoot for the accounting systems as necessary
  1. Primary contact person regarding any transactions on all Division bank accounts
  1. Coordinate and direct divisional accounting activities and ensure the maintenance of necessary accounting, budgetary, and financial controls procedures and proper records of accounts
  1. Prepare and distribute all regular and other periodic accounting and financial reports as necessary including any required special financial information
  1. Estimate financing requirements and cash flow requirements to ensure the Division’s financial soundness and solvency
  1. Maintain accurate records of all funds of the Division and direct the handling of cash receipts and disbursements
  1. Compile and prepare the annual financial statements in accordance with the principles and guidelines outlined in the FRAME manual
  1. Coordinate and assist the Auditors for the June 30 and March 31 year end audits
  1. Coordinate and direct divisional purchasing activities, including
  1. Monitor tendering and purchase approval procedures
  2. Ensuring adherence to approved purchasing policies and procedures
  1. Administer the divisional insurance program by
    1. Monitoring the premium status of all insurance policies and ensuring they remain valid
    2. Periodically reviewing the divisional insurance portfolio to recommend revisions to ensure the Division’s appropriate coverage against loss or liability
  1. Analyze and review all school funds on a regular basis
  1. Establish and monitor accounts for petty cash
  1. Close and balance the books of the division at each fiscal year end
  1. Attend and participate in Senior Administration meetings as requested
  1. Attend Board Operations Committee meetings
  1. Perform other duties, as assigned by the Superintendent or designate.

 B. Payroll Procedures Management

  1. Maintain a thorough understanding of all payroll and benefits information applicable to the Division
  1. Establish procedures for efficient and effective operations in the Payroll Department of the Division
  1. Primary support and troubleshoot for the payroll system as necessary
  1. Ensure all staff salaries and benefits are paid on a regular basis in accordance with Division policy, collective agreements or employment standards as the case may be

 C. Personnel Planning and Supervision 

  1. Communicate divisional expectations to the finance and payroll staff
  1. Support a productive working climate and positive staff morale
  1. Direct the day-to-day routines and performance of Financial Assistant, Fiscal Assistant, Payroll Manager, and Payroll Assistant
  1. Recommend to the Secretary-Treasurer such changes as are necessary in the structure and function of the Finance and Payroll Departments to meet the Division’s needs
  1. Recommend any changes to the position descriptions of personnel who report directly to the Assistant Secretary-Treasurer
  1. In consultation with the Human Resources Manager, participate in the recruitment and selection procedures of all personnel directly responsible to the Assistant Secretary-Treasurer
  1. Conduct regular performance reviews of personnel who report directly to the Assistant Secretary-Treasurer
  1. Plan the development and training of Finance and Payroll staff
  1. Deal with other areas of the personnel function as it pertains to the finance and payroll staff including: hiring, resignations, vacation periods, receiving and resolving employee complaints, and discipline as necessary