E-Bulletin, October 8, 2019

1. Condolences
 The Board acknowledged the passing of teacher Karen Giesbrecht and extended condolences to her husband, Dan and their children.

2. Border Valley Unit Presentation
 Principal Donovan Giesbrecht and teacher Marty Siemens shared expressions of gratitude. They are thankful for the new intercom system, books in their libraries and acknowledged the work of the PAC at Border Valley School and Blumenfeld School. 
 This year the schools are focusing on enhancing school spirit, Leadership and the 7 Habits, increasing literacy and numeracy results, supporting students with transitions and creating opportunities for teamwork.

3. 2018-2019 Financial Audit
 The Board approved the audited financial statements for 2018-2019.

4. Pine Ridge Elementary School Grand Opening
 The Board will be hosting a grand opening for Pine Ridge Elementary School on October 17, 2019 at 1:30pm.