SmartFind Sign in Troubleshooting

If you're having trouble signing in to the SmartFind website, try this:

  • Registration by phone is required before you're able to log in to SmartFind on the web or the app.

    1. Call the main system number: 1-204-817-6757

    2. Enter your Access ID, followed by the star (*) key. If you don't know your Access ID, please ask your school office for this information.

    3. When the system asks for your PIN, enter your Access ID again, followed by the star (*) key.

    4. You will be asked to record your name. Record your name and when you have finished recording, press the star (*) key.

    5. Next you will hear the primary location and classification that has been set up in your profile. If this information is not correct, continue with the registration process. Substitutes can adjust their own location preferences once their account is activated. Employees should contact their school office if the information is not correct.

    6. Create your PIN. Enter the PIN you want to use, followed by the star (*) key. The PIN must be numeric, must be at least 6 digits, and cannot be more than 9 digits.

  • If you've already registered by phone and can't log in to the website, check to see if you're signed in to your browser with a non-GVSD account. Instructions to check this are different in each browser. If you're using Edge as your browser, click the circle in the top right. It may have your profile picture or initials in the circle. If it shows a non GVSD email account, please sign out and then try logging in to SmartFind again. SmartFind will prompt you to sign in, please use your GVSD account to sign in.