Why Portfoliosense?

Portfolios are a powerful assessment tool because they help students learn about their learning through goal setting, reflection, self-assessment, evidence of learning, and conferencing. Portfolios are inclusive, affording all students the opportunity to showcase their learning in a unique and meaningful way.

Portfolios provide an opportunity for students to share the responsibility for collecting proof or evidence of learning. Portfolios are worth doing well because they are a rich resource for reporting--they help students and parents see the results of student learning themselves.

There has been an increased focus on formative assessment within the school division, including a newly adopted assessment policy by GVSD. This focus on formative assessment has led us to consider the benefits of goal-setting, portfolios, and student-involved conferencing. Our neighboring divisions, as well as many others in the province, have enjoyed great success using goals, portfolios, and student-involved conferencing as part of the reporting process.

How can you do this? Where do you begin? We invite you to explore and use the tools provided in our portfoliosense collection. (See collection sections below)

Portfoliosense Documents

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