International Students

School-Based Orientation

International students in Garden Valley School Division will be provided a school orientation that includes the following:

  - A school tour
  - A copy of the school student handbook
  - Be assigned a Guidance Counselor to assist with course registrations and adjusting to school life.
  - Access to the Student Support Department if assistance with course work is needed.
  - Additional supports for students who may be English as Additional Language learners

List of Schools

School Grades Address/Contact Info/Location
Garden Valley Collegiate Grades: 9-12 736 Main Street Winkler MB R6W 4C8
Phone: 204-325-8008, Fax: 204-325-5894,
Email Garden Valley Collegiate
Northlands Parkway Collegiate Grades: 9-12  139 Northlands Parkway East Winkler MB R6W 0E9
Phone: 204-325-8200 Fax: 204-325-8600,
Email Northlands Parkway Collegiate
School Grades Address/Contact Info/Location
Emerado Centennial School Grades: 5-8 675 Prairieview Drive Winkler MB R6W 1M5
Phone: 204-331-4533, Fax: 204-331-3656
Email Emerado Centennial School
Prairie Dale School Grades: 4-8 39 Church St. S. Schanzenfeld, MB R6W 0E4
Phone: 204-325-8203 Fax: 204-325-8256
Email Prairie Dale School
School Grades Address/Contact Info/Location
Blumenfeld School Grades: 1-8 Box 1510, Winkler, MB R6W4B4 55 Blumenfeld Ave.,
Blumenfeld, MB Phone: 204-325-7208
Email Blumenfeld School

Border Valley School Grades: K-8 Box 1510, Winkler, MB R6W4B4 296 Border St., Reinland, MB
Phone: 204-325-8674, Fax: 204-325-5559
Email Border Valley School
Hochfeld School Grades: 1-8 c/o Southwood Elementary School, 224 Hespeler Ave. E
Schanzenfeld, MB R6W 1K3  Phone: 204-325-8589
Email Hochfeld School
Parkland Elementary School Grades: K-8 1100 Roblin Boulevard Winkler MB R6W 1G2
Phone: 204-325-6373, Fax: 204-325-4066
Email Parkland Elementary School
Plum Coulee School Grades: K-8 155 Government Rd., Box 108 Plum Coulee MB R0G 1R0
Phone: 204-325-9852, Fax: 204-829-3632
Email Plum Coulee School
Winkler Elementary School Grades: K-8 284-8th Street Winkler MB R6W 4C9
Phone: 204-325-9501, Fax: 204-325-5902
Email Winkler Elementary School
School Grades Address/Contact Info/Location
J.R. Walkof School Grades: K-4 800 Southview Drive Winkler MB R6W 4E1
Phone: 204-325-7765, Fax: 204-325-5903
Email J.R. Walkof School
Southwood School Grades: K-3 224 Hespeler Ave. E. Schanzenfeld, MB R6W 1K3
Phone: 204-325-8592, Fax: 204-325-5989
Email Southwood School

Programs Information

Garden Valley School Division offers a wide range of academic programs and student supports to ensure that all students will experience success and a sense of belonging in our schools. In addition to academic programming, extracurricular programs allow students an opportunity to get involved with the school beyond the regular classroom. Below is a quick glance at the academic programs and student supports available to students in Garden Valley School Division:

Academic Programs - Elementary/Junior High
- Manitoba Curriculum
- Literacy and Numeracy Programs
- English as an Additional Language (EAL)
- Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program
- Second Languages (French/German) beginning in Gr. 4
- Band beginning in Gr. 5
- Home Economics / Industrial Arts in Gr. 7 and 8

Academic Programs - High Schools
- Manitoba Curriculum
- Literacy and Numeracy Programs
- English as an Additional Language (EAL)
- Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program
- High School Diploma
- Technical / Vocational Programs —Business Education,
- Power Mechanics, Information Technology, Community
- Health and Child Care, Horticulture / Landscaping, Diesel
- Technology, Esthetics, Hairstyling, Culinary Arts, Electrical Technology
- Additional High School Programs / Courses:
  - Alternative Learning Programs
  - Computer Assisted Design (CAD) Drafting
  - Cooperative Education
  - Home Economics
  - Art
  - Drama
  - Choral and Band Programs

Additional Student Supports:
- ASL (American Sign Language) Interpreters
- Educational Assistants
- Guidance Counsellors
- School Liaison Workers at each school
- School Psychologists
- School Social Workers
- Speech / Language Pathologists

Medical Insurance

medical insurance 3Medical Insurance

Garden Valley School Division recommends that all international students obtain private health insurance for their time of stay in Manitoba. We advise you to keep your health insurance* card with you during your program. If you are under 18 years old, your parents must sign a Custodian Declaration for you to study in Manitoba. This Custodian Declaration allows your host family to have legal responsibility for you while you are in Manitoba. If you are ill or injured and need emergency treatment, your host family will be able to consent to the treatment for you. This Custodian Declaration expires when you turn 18.

At the age of 18 you will be considered an adult by Canadian law and will be able to consent to your own medical treatment. The Custodian Declaration also expires at the end of the school year. If you have a medical condition, make sure that your school or division knows in case of an emergency.

* Travel health insurance policies vary greatly. Make sure that you have enough medical insurance coverage and take the time to learn the details of your insurance package. For example, students should find out if they will be required to pay upfront for medical treatment or if their insurer will pay for their treatment immediately. This is particularly important for students who take part in activities such as playing hockey, football, skiing, scuba diving, and white water rafting, which may be considered high risk and not be covered by the travel health insurance policy.