GVSD Policy on Admission of International Students


 1.  Purpose:  To determine eligibility of non-resident international students to attend schools within Garden Valley School Division

2.  Scope:  International students, parents/guardians, and host families.

3.  Policy:
The Board recognizes the value of international students and will consider acceptance of international students on an individual basis.

4.  Procedures for Admission of International Students:

4.1  Applicants must have a proper visa and be resident with an authorized guardian within the division.

4.2  Garden Valley School Division does not provide for or arrange accommodations for international students. It is the responsibility of the parent/legal guardian to arrange a host family resident in the school division catchment.

4.3  Garden Valley School Division does not contract with third party agents or use the services of recruiters to encourage international students to apply for admission to our schools, neither does the school division endorse any such services. Applicants are not required to use the services of a third party agent and/or recruiter to apply for admission to Garden Valley School Division.

4.3.1  In the event that a family chooses to employ the services of a third party agent or recruiter, it is the responsibility of the legal guardian(s) to ensure that said parties are reputable and compliant with the code of practice and conduct of the International Education Act.

4.4  Applications for admission including the most recent statement of marks shall be made to the superintendent of schools for approval.

4.5  The superintendent may approve up to five such students. Additional requests shall be presented to the Board on an individual basis.

4.6  The superintendent or designate, in consultation with the principal of the requested school, shall approve the application providing:

4.6.1  resident students have been accommodated and scheduled and space is available;

4.6.2  the student can be accommodated within available staffing and budget allocation;

4.6.3  students shall comply with school and division policy and have not been suspended or expelled from another school division.

4.7  The deadlines for receipt of completed international student applications are as follows:

4.7.1  May 15th for admission to semester 1 (September – January) or semesters 1 and 2 (September – June).

4.7.2  October 15th for admission to semester 2 (February – June).

4.8  Notification of acceptance or denial of application will be provided in writing no later than six (6) weeks after the deadline for receipt of applications.

4.9  The Board may establish tuition fees for any international students. Such fees will be published and reviewed annually.

4.10  Transportation for international students will only be provided if the student is eligible for transportation.

4.11  International student permits shall be reviewed annually, in accordance with 4.4 above. Failure to comply with divisional and school policies may result in termination of admission privileges. Students shall be requested to return to their home country.

4.12  Exceptional cases shall be presented by the superintendent of schools to the Board of Trustees for a final decision before the student is admitted.

[June 14, 2016]