CLG Application Process

1. Applications must be a collaboration among a group of two or more teachers. One person in the group will be the lead teacher or contact person. The PD committee will communicate with the contact person, who will be expected to communicate to the rest of the group.

2. The contact person will distribute a copy of the application form to participants at each school. (if necessary)

3. Share the application with your administrator. An administrator’s signature of consent is required before forwarding the application to the PD committee. Each teacher in a different location will need their administrator’s signature for the application to be complete.

4. Once the application is complete, along with signatures, forward your application to the PD committee through the PD representative for your school. The deadline to apply is the second Tuesday in November.

5. If your application has been approved, the lead teacher will be notified by the PD rep at their school. It is their responsibility to notify the rest of the applicants in their CLG.

6. After the application deadline, descriptions of all CLG’s will be sent to all PD school reps and administrators. They will be posted at your school as well as on the GVSD website. People will have a chance, if they wish, to join the CLG of their choice by the second Tuesday in December. The process to join the CLG will be posted along with all of the descriptions. After the deadline to join, a list will be created of all CLG’s and participants. The list will be sent to administrators and PD reps.

7. An evaluation of the CLG will be due on the second Tuesday in May, reporting on the work of the CLG.

Download the CLG Application Form:  CLG_application.docx