Technology Integration Plan 2011-2016 - Continued

Community and Parent Support

To make the TIP more meaningful to the general public, communication needs to take place.  This may take the form of school newsletters, school and division website bulletins, and agenda items at the advisory council for school leadership meetings held in all schools. As advances and changes in technology continue to happen at a rapid pace, it is important that parents and the community understand these changes, the impact on their children in the education system, and how Garden Valley School Division is adapting to these changes.

Staff Input/Feedback

The technology planning process needs to involve teachers in the decision making. This involves gathering teacher input via school administrators and the IT and ICT coordinators. This may involve holding information sessions during which staff would have opportunity to express their views in relation to the TIP, discussing the TIP during staff meetings, and gathering input through school facilitators.


Barbara Neufeld - Winkler Elementary School
Ken Hildebrand - Border Valley School
David Hoeppner - Southwood Administration Unit
Garth Doerksen – Emerado Centennial School
Jennifer Loewen – Parkland Elementary School
Mary Eberling-Penner – Plum Coulee Administration Unit
Larry Schroeder – JR Walkof School
Scott Jantzen - Garden Valley Collegiate
James Reimer - Division Office (Information Technology Manager)
David Hildebrand – Division Office (Curriculum Coordinator)
Todd Monster – Division Office (Assistant Superintendent of Programs and Curriculum)

Executive Summary


Goal 1 – Infusion of technology in learning

To provide, in conjunction with ME's curricula, the ICT literacy skills needed throughout the school community to effectively and ethically infuse technology in learning. Identify a set of standards for students, teachers and administrators that align with the idea of "infusion". All GVSD teachers will create a learning environment that ensures digital age students are empowered to learn, live and work successfully today and tomorrow.

Goal 2 – Teacher Learning

Establish online and offline Professional learning opportunities to facilitate teacher collaboration to improve student learning. To meet the technology learning needs of teachers within the various school communities in GVSD.

Goal 3 – Software / Hardware / Technical Support

To identify and put into place the steps/processes involved in the purchase of hardware/software. To provide current hardware and software to staff and students to support the infusion of technology in learning. To provide the infrastructure to support mobile learning and on-demand technology use. Maintain technical supports to accomplish the goals of the TIP.

Goal 4 – Financial Supports

To ensure the financial supports are in place to provide the hardware, software and technical support needed to fulfill the TIP goals. Provide financial supports to encourage technology innovations initiated at the school level.

Goal 5 – On-going Implementation, Evaluation and Revision

Ensure the TIP is accessible, understood and implemented at the school level. Ensure the TIP is understood throughout the school community. Critically evaluate and update the TIP to reflect changes in curriculum, ICT developments and new technologies. Identify learning indicators to evaluate the effectiveness of the plan in reaching its vision (i.e. ethical use and infusion). Annual review in Oct/Nov. for budget process in January.

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