School Social Work

social work 79x68As key members of the school team, School Social Workers provide multisystem assessments to determine the impact of various factors contributing to the success of students in the education system. School Social Work promotes the success of all learners by reducing barriers to academic success and healthy socio-emotional development, and supporting student strengths.

Student Services Team:

School Social Workers provide services in schools as one part of the Student Services team, which for any given student, may include:

-School Social Workers
-Resource Teachers
-Guidance Teachers
-Speech & Language Pathologists
-School Psychologists
-School Liaison Workers

The roles and services of School Social Work may include direct and indirect student focused interventions, school-wide interventions and division/system interventions. These are delivered to students, peer groups/classroom, families, school staff or community.

These services may include:
1. Counselling and support services where social/emotional or behavioural factors are affecting school performance. (Examples: Behaviour Planning/Therapy, Adjustment and Coping, Relationships, Mental Health Issues, Anger Management, Attendance, Students at Risk, Divorce and Separation, Grief).

2. Crisis Services may include risk/threat assessment or response to a crisis. (Personal Safety, Critical Incident Debriefing).

3. Prevention/Education services related to healthy development. (Staff Training, Prevention Programs, Parenting Classes).

4. Consultation/Advocacy services may include coordinating services for a student or family, accessing appropriate resources and promoting collaboration between family, school and community. Program and Policy Development.

School Social Workers are employees of Garden Valley School Division. School Social Work services may be provided upon request and may be requested by:
 Classroom teachers
 Resource teachers
 Administrators
 Guidance teachers
 Parents
 Other Clinicians — Where requested, school social workers will be consulted and services initiated through referral process.

Download Social Work services brochure:  pdfSocial_Work.pdf