Hiring Great Teachers is Vital
Posted on 03/13/2024
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With about 350 teachers in GVSD, it’s normal that some retire, some move to other positions within our schools or move to other communities, and some new positions emerge as our community and schools grow.  This means that annually, our principals and senior administration need to work diligently and wisely to fill all the teaching positions within GVSD.  Annually there are between 50-70 postings within the division, with the bulk of the teacher hiring work done in April and May.  (This article refers to teaching positions only; another article is needed to highlight the many other positions within our GVSD team – EAs, custodians, administrative assistants, bus drivers, etc.)

Having served on the Education Committee within our Board structure for many years, I’ve had the privilege of observing the teacher hiring process for the past 10 years and of sitting in on many interviews.  I’d like to share several things that have and continue to impress and excite me.

The leadership provided by our Assistant Superintendents (Janice Krahn and Joanne Derksen) and our Human Resources Manager (Shayne Thomson) is phenomenal.  They coordinate the entire puzzle of openings and applicants in a highly professional way.  

Observing our principals and vice-principals, together with one of our Senior Administrators, give leadership to the interviews is inspiring.  It’s a joy to witness the careful formulation of questions which help assess competency but just as or more importantly character, the gracious relationship skills exhibited by our leaders during interviews, the careful consideration of how each hire will contribute to and impact the team chemistry within a school, and the wisdom and discernment that follows each interview.  Watching our leadership people in action helps me understand the strength of our schools and the excellence of our staff.

In recent years, as is the case in many professions, the pool of potential teachers is shrinking.  There are a few divisions within Manitoba that were not able to fill all their teaching positions last year.  While we, within GVSD, have been fortunate to not yet face that challenge, it is a growing concern within all divisions within Manitoba.   As such, our leadership team is working even more diligently at creating awareness of openings within GVSD, connecting with potential teachers, and promoting the opportunities within our community.   We have also begun the hiring season earlier than in other years.

As a Board member, I invite you to consider adding your words of encouragement and support to our school leadership teams as they commit many hours to this process of recruitment and discernment.  Hiring great teachers is vital to the excellence we experience within our GVSD schools.

Submitted by John P. Klassen, GVSD Trustee

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