School Rental Philosophy

Garden Valley School Division believes that facilities under the jurisdiction of the Board, although primarily for use in the education of children of the Division in Kindergarten to Grade 12, are available for use by the community, subject to the procedures outlined in Policy DFC. The Board desires to cooperate with the City of Winkler, the Town of Plum Coulee, villages of and the R.M. of Stanley, the R.M. of Rhineland, and community organizations by making available school facilities and specified items of equipment whenever it is feasible to do so.

In order that minimal or no extra costs accrue to the Division from the use of school facilities for non-Division purposes, fees may be charged as outlined herein. The schedules of rentals and service charges shall be based on operation and maintenance costs. The Board may enter into short or long term use agreements with community groups, businesses or organizations outside the terms of this policy.

School Rental Procedure

Individuals/groups can view the booking schedule online to determine the availability of GVSD school facilities. Click on the school links below to view the booking schedule for a school. Individuals or groups wishing to reserve and use GVSD school facilities are asked to contact the office of the school being requested. Note: Due to after-school activities in our schools (eg. sports practices, tournaments, dramas, etc.), facilities are not always guaranteed to be available to the community for booking. Individuals/groups can also begin the reservation process by

  1. printing the Rental_Request_Form_blank_website.pdf,
  2. filling it out,
  3. submitting it to the school office in person together with payment.


Facility Availability Calendars

Visit our School Directory for links to each school's rental availability calendar.