Bus Safety Week October 16-20
Posted on 10/16/2023
Studnet standing outside a bus

Bus Safety Week is an opportunity for students to receive school bus ridership training, a time when the Division emphasizes safety procedures with our drivers and a time to remind our school community and the general public to be particularly careful around school buses.

On average, GVSD experiences 4 bus passing / red light violations every week – almost 1 per day! We see violations in all areas of the Division including villages, the City of Winkler and on highways throughout our area.

Remember that ALL our buses are equipped with multiple cameras. Violations are forwarded to the appropriate law enforcement service for ticketing. The fine for passing a bus with its stop sign extended and red lights on is over $650 and 2 demerits.

During the hours that school buses operate, drivers should be especially careful. Children waiting for or getting off the bus might dart into the street unexpectedly. The following points provide an explanation of the flashing lights on the school bus:

* Amber flashing lights alert you that the bus is about to stop.

* Red flashing lights are used when the school bus is stopped to pick up or discharge students. The bus also displays two STOP signs with alternately flashing red lights. ALL DRIVERS MUST STOP BEHIND OR IN FRONT OF THE SCHOOL BUS WHEN RED LIGHTS ARE FLASHING. The only exception to this rule. Approaching vehicles need not stop where there is a physical separation such as a median between two lanes of oncoming traffic.

If the kids do their part, the bus drivers do their part and the motoring public does its part, we can ensure that ALL our children get home safely EVERY DAY.

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